Billy bookcase and cable camouflage …

Everyone has that dreaded corner where unsightly cables seem like they are about to take over the space like a viral epidemic. You know you are in cable crisis if every time you walk past them they catch your eye and it drives you bonkers! I tried tying mine together with twine to make them into one big ginormous cable. * not a good idea.

Then I labelled them with those little plastic tags you get from the Kleenez man. That served no purpose only to satisfy my organised self … they still managed to creep out underneath side tables, chairs and scream at me every time I passed them.

I decided one afternoon that the spaghetti junction would not get the better of me. I was faced with two dilemmas.

1. the telephone line and internet modem had to stay there, as does some form of light source

2. the space is in a part of the room that everyone walks by at least a hundred times a day so it is a very visible and awkward space

The epiphany arrived and it came as a two for one offer. A bookcase, to be more specific … my old reliable Ikea Billy Bookcase (which to be honest had been kind of shifted from one room to another as there was no space for him since we moved to this house )

Billy got a makeover and got to try out a new position on his side and hey presto… I solved that awkward corner walk through space and hid my unsightly cable situation. Hurray! win win all round 🙂


Check out my internet modem camouflage aswell … I spotted this ages back on Pinterest and knew I had to do it. We have one of those really archaic modems … it’s huge … so I bought one of these faux book wooden boxes and it sits right in.

IMG_8218      IMG_8217

Ah it’s the simple pleasures in life that bring us peace!


I took these photos quickly just after I re-jigged everything around … and in case any of you noticed the blank walls … they are waiting for some lovely artwork or photos … not sure which yet 🙂

I’d love to know if you have had any great ideas for hiding ugly cables/modems or any tips for Ikea hacks …

hope you all having a great week so far,

ciao for now,


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