Buddha Revamp …


Anyone who has travelled in Asia will have found it impossible to avoid Buddha. Whether you are Buddhist or not, it is very difficult not to be struck by the tranquility and calmness of being in the presence of a Buddha image/sculpture and all it represents. Since travelling in South East Asia many moons ago I vowed to one day have my own Buddha for my own tranquil space (when I finally found my own space)

In the search for a little Zen I picked up this Buddha this time last year in a sale and intended to revamp him as soon as I brought him home.

IMG_4750 (2)

Off I toddled to my local Co-op and got loads of help from a young chap who broke all the rules by opening a few different cans of spray paint so I could get the exact colour I was looking for ( honestly, I was a bit mortified…and felt like a wannabe graffitti artist as I sprayed and stood back and sprayed another … all the while looking over our shoulders to make sure the manager wasn’t about … you get the picture! ) Anyway I finally decided on Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed bronze.

Above is the ‘just before the spray got under way’ look … The first coat was quite light and almost golden and I was tempted to leave him that colour … but then decided Gold wasn’t really the aim so kept on going with the second coat. I was a little unsure about the final result and had a few seconds of regret that I hadn’t left him in his light golden state…but the colour grew on me and it has a nice sparkly sheen in real life.

I wasn’t quite sure where to put him indoors and everytime I moved him around the house he just didn’t seem to quite fit … so the last few days we have been out in the garden a lot and his ‘spot’ finally revealed itself to me! Outside amongst some pots of flowers he sits in all his Zen-ness. I can look at him from inside the kitchen and pass by him if I walk around the outside of the house.


I remember reading somewhere that a Buddha should never be placed directly on the ground so I need to place something underneath him … just in case … I’m not superstitious or anything… it’s just out of respect … well maybe I am just a little superstitious … 🙂

Do you have a Buddha in or outside your space? … or are you a bit partial to some spray painting? … please tell all in the comments below!

ciao for now,


ps. I am working on the photo gallery wall … am sifting through hundreds of photos … no pressure on anyone now … 🙂 keep me posted on your progress … or lack of!