From drab to FAB … Lamp makeover!

Anyone who is allergic to feathers and PINK look away now! I inherited this lamp from my mother who was giving it to the charity shop. I thought I’d give it a little makeover for my (big) little girls room.


It started out looking a little dull and lifeless, so with a lick of white chalk paint, a glue gun and a FABULOUS pink feather boa this sad little lamp became fabulous DARLING!!!

( I think I may be secretly channelling my inner girl here but bear with me!)


This is the lamp in sitiu… what do you think? Any health and safety worriers out there rest assured that I made sure the feathers have no contact with the bulb.


Only time will tell on how practical the thing is after its experienced a bit of knocking about in a kiddie’s room, but for now am pleased enough.

ps. my big ‘little’ girl when she saw the nearly finished product “LOVED ” it. When I presented her with the finished product she said ‘ I like it but can we change the colour to yellow?’

All comments welcome in the comments below or if you have any ‘drab to fab’ projects to show and tell …pleease do!!

ciao for now,


Before and after …

To paint or not to paint…that was the big question. The brick fireplace in our kitchen has never quite sat right with me. It is a big feature in the in … you really can’t miss it. It is the monster that greets you as you come  through the back ( which is really used as a front) door. Here it is in all its former glory …

You might remember this pic from an earlier post of the fireplace before we moved in

gennaio 083


I knew I was going to paint it eventually … so I decided in January that the time had come. This is how it looked the morning before the big makeover. (I didn’t attempt to pretty any of these photos up as this was done while the little lady was having her morning nap and it was a race against the zzz’s  🙂 )



Oh I should mention that the night before I cleaned the brick with a mix of half white wine vinegar and half water. It did stink but it was a natural stink so I reckoned that was ok!



I had half a litre tin of Annie Sloan ‘Old White’ Chalk paint – which was perfect as after much deliberation I decided that I wanted a ‘wash’ effect as opposed to a full-blown white look all over the brick. I mixed the half litre of chalk paint with equal amount of water and got to work. It did run a bit but was easily blended as it was quite watery. It didn’t take long at all ( long enough for a morning nap and a few quick photos)

And this is how it all turned out! I was pleased enough although as you can see I ran out of wash and was unable to get underneath the stove. To be honest it’s not that noticeable in real life 🙂 but I will patch it up with a tester pot.



There are a few other patches (below on the right) that could do with another little wash … but again in real life not that noticeable and with a little tester pot should be easy to fix. All in all not bad for two hours work with ingredients all found in the cupboard under my sink!



All thoughts, opinions, shock and horror and any other brick painting escapades you may have experienced all welcome in the comments below! I am vowing to post more frequently so hopefully will see you soon … Ciao for now x


Colour Bombing


I was reading recently about colour and the power it has to change or affect our mood. Some people may ‘poo poo’ at all the’ Energy mumbo jumbo ‘but I do believe that colour in a room can emanate a certain feeling or dare I say’ Vibe’ (without invoking too much eye rolling and hippy flower floaty images). It can lift a mood, it can make you feel light and airy and can also evoke feelings of cosiness, homey-ness and a sense of fun.

I definitely have to curb my relationship with colour from time to time as it can take on a life of its own. We painted all our walls in’ Dulux Country White’ when we bought the house (previous to that we were drowning in Magnolia)

*I do not wish to offend any home owner who has chosen Magnolia to line the inside of their homely palace. It is just sadly not for me . . .  ever.

… And so began my quest to colour – bomb our house! Starting with a side table which didn’t fit beside our bed anymore when we upsized our bed. It went from Red to Blue and has now finally been this Yellow for the past few months.



It wasn’t quite the colour I was hoping for I really wanted it to be the colour of the yellow tin on the box but alas it’ll stay until I get the urge to change it again 🙂

I ogle over the whiteness and greyness of Scandinavian Interiors with their fabulous use of texture and cosy furry rugs and throws …but as much as I love them…I crave a pop of yellow (my personal all-time favourite) or green…and on it goes.

I should add at this point that our house was FULL of wood. All skirting, sills, doors, stairs, the cubby under the stairs, floors, the ceiling in the children’s room, Pine Panelling at the top of the stairs surrounding the Hot press… when I say A LOT OF WOOD …I mean A LOT OF WOOD…OH and I forgot the kitchen was Pippi Oak and there were wooden beams. It was Wood OVERLOAD so cutting a long story short.

We painted ALL the wood. YAH!

(As I go along all the before and after pics will be revealed) but I have digressed so …where was I? …oh yes…back to the colour bombing … Here’s a step stool I colour-bombed recently …


This is a basic Ikea Step stool which came unpainted and I gave it a little makeover with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in Florence. It then got  two coats of Ronseal’s Diamond white Clear Satin to protect it from the knocks and bumps from all the little people.




So now I love looking at our little reading nook in the living room and it doubles up as both step to reach for books and perfect for landing tea!!! Delighted with life!

Another little project I have going on at the moment is this cheap Supervalu Chest that holds all the dress up clothes in the playroom.


I am hoping to transform it with a little … colour…I have given it one coat of Annie Sloan Old White but I came across some bright yellow spray paint in my local Aldi and I think I may just have to cave in and give it a burst of sunshine! Only problem is I may have to wait for the weather to get better before I can manage to do it outside. Here’s the middle pic…


                                                   And this is what I am hoping it will look like when it’s finished…


It may even get a promotion and be taken out of the playroom if it turns out well…so stay tuned for updates!!