La Luna …

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All things Lunar seemed to be all around us of late! We are all lunatics in this house … no really we are … we are all affected by the full moon so usually we just have to look up on a clear night and we have that ‘Aha’ moment (and relief) … that explains our children’s bonkers behaviour … and ours too ( well mine, I must take ownership of this one 🙂 )

Anyway, I have been a little obsessed by all things spherical, circular and lunar for the past while and (inspired by many gorgeous wall art on my Pinterest board … like this one above) I decided to just do it.


So I went off to B&Q and got myself some Plyboard ( they are fabulous for cutting it to the exact proportions and very helpful ) I decided I wanted some art for over my mantel ( I feel like all I have been posting about is this mantel but just bear with me if you can!) Anyhow, I had the vision in my head, it had to be large and square and minimal. I am hoping it’s not too large but it’s been cut now so I have to live with it!

I had originally planned it to be bright sunflower yellow … and then I thought … maybe like an emerald-green or hot pink…and when I went into the shop to buy the paint I was instantly drawn to this pastel pink colour! So unlike me in lots of ways ( I thought ) but I love the colour and think it’s soft enough to not tire of too easily.


And so here it is. My own sphere, circle, luna, moon … whatever you want it to be. What do you think?? Am still a little unsure if the dimensions are a little big… but I think I like it!!!

Feel free to leave a comment below … thumbs up or down … and I promise there will be no photos of this mantel in the next post!!!

Ciao for now


Mount … Frame … Hang

Found on

We all have hundreds of photos (and sometimes collections of prints) just sitting in our spare rooms or in our hard drives and if you’re anything like me you keep saying … ‘ Someday I must print out those photos and put them on the wall’ . Well I’ve been having too many of those moments lately and although I have a small gallery wall on our stairwell … I really need to just go do it. So here is some inspirational pics I’d like to share that just might make you go do it too!

Found on

I am always a little wary of putting too much inspirational living quotes on walls as no-one wants to go into someone’s house and be told in every room how they should live … but I think this really works and those chairs …

Found on

This Gallery wall is what I call ‘The Cool’ gallery wall … when your dining room actually does look like an Art Gallery

Found on

This species I call ‘The Higgle’ gallery wall … it appears to be just randomly hung in all shapes and sizes but it is very well thought out and planned … I like it …feels homey and memory-ish.

gallery wall six

Found on

Now this is the ‘Look where I’ve been’ gallery wall … but it is beautiful and cohesive and black and white … love

Found on

The ‘Kiddy’ gallery wall is always my favourite ( every house should have one ) … usually the art that gets the most compliments in our house is the Kiddy art!

Found on

And finally the ‘Cheat sheet’. Some people lay out all their frames on the floor to play around with plans … the next trick is to cut out the exact shape of each of your pics from your cereal boxes and tape them to the wall to really get the feel of your gallery wall before you put the hammer to the nail!

Hope you got some inspiration to help you go for it with your own gallery wall …do you prefer mix and match vintage style frames or Black and White photos in crisp white frames? feel free to leave a comment below to share your gallery wall dilemmas or phobias …

Ciao for now 🙂


It’s the lickle things in life …

Big joy from the smallest of things is just the berries! I had been waiting for this frame from Marks and Spencer to come into store for a few weeks ( nerdy I know 🙂 but true) I love its versatility… It could be used for Kiddie’s art in the livingroom as part of a gallery wall ( it is easy peasy to interchange prints or artwork) Or if pressing flowers and ferns is your thing then this frame is definately for you! This one is the large which fits an 8 x 10 print.


The print in the frame is a card I bought in Carewswood Garden Centre ( in East Cork for anyone who’s from around these parts) I thought it was too pretty to use so framed it instead. What do you think?

You can check them out on Facebook at ‘Carewswood Garden Centre & Café’ we had a lovely afternoon coffee there with my parents in law … it was such a lovely find with a gorgeous shop, really helpful and friendly staff … considering we had 3 energetic little people in tow … amazing bespoke furniture in the Cafe and the yummiest scones! ( and no they did not pay me to say this. It’s just all true 🙂 )


This Bell Jar has been hopping around the house of late! Another Marks and Spencer treasure. I am really liking their recent homeware collection. Belljars soo handy for displaying little trinkets, plants, flowers or even use to cover your butter when you’re having afternoon tea!


And last but not least my little ( or not so little) Stag. A few people asked me where I had gotten this from when it was on the last blogpost. Clio from Quay Designs Interiors created this little gem and she also can take custom orders! I think this would be fab in Hot Pink 🙂 check out Clio’s shop on her Facebook page at ‘ Quay designs interiors’. I am a big fan of Clio’s work and you never know what treasures you’ll find in her shop … magpie heaven!

So that’s all from me this week … have been pottering around at a few projects we have on the go here…must get my photos in order. Hope you all enjoying our crisp spring weather.

ciao for now gx

Bathroom envy …

Our Family bathroom is … in two words … pretty miserable. It is dull, unloved and needs a complete overhall. We have been reluctanct to change the floor (even though I really hate it) because you all know what it’s like when you open that can of worms!

First change the floor tiles (which will immediately accentuate the awfulness of the wall tiles) and then you start to really think about what is under that bath… It’s only the dreaded fear stops you from taking a peek for fear of uncovering a black hole of deadly mould. ( cue psycho music )….oh the joys 🙂

Last week I made the mistake of trying to make it look a little better ( we were preparing for visitors). I painted below the bath…then the skirting …followed by the door….and there it remains. I don’t have the pics uploaded yet to enlighten you on the miserableness of the before shots or the progress on the ‘nearly after’ shot , but suffice to say, now the can of worms has been truly officially opened ever so slightly.The walls will need a paint … and even though I swore I wouldn’t paint the floor…I am caving in to that idea possibly… just temporarily.

Here are a few pics I’ve been drooling over using to inspire me for when we really ‘Gut’ the bathroom and start again……

bathroom envy 2

bathroom envy 3

bathroom envy 4

bathroom envy

Please feel free to share any cans of worms you’ve opened lately…or are afraid to open in the comments below….

ciao for now x

Before and after …

To paint or not to paint…that was the big question. The brick fireplace in our kitchen has never quite sat right with me. It is a big feature in the in … you really can’t miss it. It is the monster that greets you as you come  through the back ( which is really used as a front) door. Here it is in all its former glory …

You might remember this pic from an earlier post of the fireplace before we moved in

gennaio 083


I knew I was going to paint it eventually … so I decided in January that the time had come. This is how it looked the morning before the big makeover. (I didn’t attempt to pretty any of these photos up as this was done while the little lady was having her morning nap and it was a race against the zzz’s  🙂 )



Oh I should mention that the night before I cleaned the brick with a mix of half white wine vinegar and half water. It did stink but it was a natural stink so I reckoned that was ok!



I had half a litre tin of Annie Sloan ‘Old White’ Chalk paint – which was perfect as after much deliberation I decided that I wanted a ‘wash’ effect as opposed to a full-blown white look all over the brick. I mixed the half litre of chalk paint with equal amount of water and got to work. It did run a bit but was easily blended as it was quite watery. It didn’t take long at all ( long enough for a morning nap and a few quick photos)

And this is how it all turned out! I was pleased enough although as you can see I ran out of wash and was unable to get underneath the stove. To be honest it’s not that noticeable in real life 🙂 but I will patch it up with a tester pot.



There are a few other patches (below on the right) that could do with another little wash … but again in real life not that noticeable and with a little tester pot should be easy to fix. All in all not bad for two hours work with ingredients all found in the cupboard under my sink!



All thoughts, opinions, shock and horror and any other brick painting escapades you may have experienced all welcome in the comments below! I am vowing to post more frequently so hopefully will see you soon … Ciao for now x


HO Ho ho …

Holy Moly Christmas is nearly here! It’s that mad time of year when everyone runs around like the world is about to end … buying supplies that would be totally impractical if the world actually DID end! We haven’t bought our turkey yet and still haven’t planned what the menu will be for Christmas day … but that’s ok … we like to wing it!

I’ve been getting lots of updates (from other blogs I follow) on all the Christmas prep and decoration that’s been going on and to be honest in this house we’ve been fairly relaxed about the Christmas decor. It’s simple and not too fussy…and it feels calm! I took a few photos this evening but I have to edit them as my kitchen was in BIG mess in the background so not sure how they will turn out! I’ll probably end up sharing them after Christmas which totally misses the point but who cares!! 🙂

The first half of December was spent preparing for the Christmas Market which was being held locally. It was a new venture so it was exciting to be a part of it. Here are a few photos of what I had on offer on the day!


I finally bought those HOOPS! I found some really pretty fabric and filled some hoops and a frame … I really want these for the girls bedroom!

IMG_6646I did some random cards for both Christmas and the Card stash … these went down well and I have to say I really enjoyed making these.

 My partner in crime made some fresh pasta ( as I was really worried I wouldn’t have enough stuff to fill my table!!) It went down a storm and I called it ‘Fresh Pasta from The Hungry Casa’ 😉IMG_6663

The glittery stags were my favourite and two of them toddled off to two lovely homes! (It made the fact that my house is absolutely covered in glitter much easier to swallow!) I enjoyed the whole

IMG_6643experience although I wasn’t as organised as I’d hoped … next year I’ll start in July … famous last words!

Alas the year is almost at an end and I have not dedicated nearly as much time as I’d hoped on writing the blog but it has been a busy year.

I would love a new funky WOW blog … but I don’t think I have the time to find the WOW for the blog at the moment … It’s hard to find time for a lot of things as it is!

I was hoping to paint the brickwork on our fireplace in the kitchen before Christmas but I don’t think that is going to happen now…although am VERY tempted!! We also just closed in our stairwell … but I think January will see more progress in that little project . I am very excited about it and already it looks way better so watch this space for cost effective simple updates that make huge life changing ( well heat conserving) differences!

So now, I have to get some zzz’s or nothing will get done tomorrow … I hope you are all enjoying the build up to Christmas and are not too overwhelmed by all the madness!

Hopefully it will bring peace , relaxation and great food to boot … HO Ho ho … x

Bring on the Guests!



clean image

Time seems to be running away and I can’t catch up with it!! The holidays are over, school and all the rituals that go with it have re-commenced, some projects finished, some nearly done … some still rattling around on a to do list.

We had a busy summer with guests from abroad – some came with children, others came and entertained our children! ( so appreciated )

The best result that came from all the visitors ( apart from their wonderful company and the excuse to drink far too much wine on a weeknight) was that the house never felt so organised. ( now obviously not every single corner ) but It didn’t feel too bad. And when the first lot of visitors sailed off into the sunset I felt ready for the next without the usual cleaning /organising frenzy that breaks out before any kind of social visit or event.

I had a conversation today with a friend who said she went on a mad cleaning frenzy because she had visitors arriving that day and then got another call to say that some unexpected guests would be also arriving the following day … this poor gal had further deep cleansing to do in between school runs and then ( possibly the hardest task of all) was hiding the evidence!

yeah, we always live this way … super organised and sparkly … everything in its place …even the mop and bucket (still steaming) 😉

Been there, done that. Who hasn’t?

It got me thinking though … BRING ON THE GUESTS!

It is indeed the answer to all my prayers … well not really … but if I could get myself into the state of mind that at any moment someone just might arrive on my doorstep … then just maybe…

And then I thought … just do it … stop complaining about the hot press not being organised enough, or the utility room being a mess … just do it. Not for the guests but for yourself.

(god that sounds so corny) but it’s true 🙂

And then I stumbled on this article  … if you’re any way like me and have the vision of the ‘not perfect but organised enough’ home then you have to read this … this lady is inside my head, there is solace in numbers … we are not alone.

Bi Lingual living

italian language gesture

My 6yr old corrected my Italian grammer at the dinner table the other night…her Babbo thought this was hilarious!

I swiftly interrupted ‘Babbo’s smug chuckles’ by reminding him of the book (in english) that he has been reading for the past FIVE years beside his bed.

Chuckling stops.

Spaghetti resumes.

Bi Lingual living.

Buy the HOOP …

oh hoopy day


It’s been a busy few weeks what with Easter Bunnies and also a Family celebration at the weekend. Of course the most itchy and scratchiest of all happenings was/is the Chicken Pox!

It swept through our house a couple of weeks ago… took a week to chill out (somewhere in the ether!) before invading the two littlest of the little’ uns. In a word … scratchness!

So as you can imagine all ongoing project plans ground to a halt (literally speaking!) The children’s bedroom floor is half painted! All work came to a standstill with the return of the pox … so it’s back to higgledy piggledy upstairs again for a few more days ( what’s new? I hear my mother cry!!) 🙂

Due to lack of project updates or out ‘n about finds, I thought I’d share what has been getting my creative juices flowing of late!

I stumbled on this amazingly creative lady called Lucy Levenson on facebook. You can check her out on or Lucy Levenson Designs on Facebook. Her story is as touching as her artwork so if you have a minute go take a peek! I really love her use of colour and playful themes …This brilliant woman only took up sewing three years ago!

this gives me much inspiration and hope for my future!! 🙂

You can buy these in print form and are really affordable definately going to buy one … might help me realise my Campervan dream sooner than later!!

camper van patchwork


Hoop art has been whispering away in my ear for quite some time now and here is just a couple of examples that have been inspiring me to go out and … BUY THE HOOPS!! I really have to just do it!

This I found on Pinterest and was from … really want to try this simple but soo cute for a little (or big) girl’s bedroom …  love love love these!!



Here’s another cute little project to try … I found this on if you want a little tutorial on how to do it … seems pretty doable …buy the hoop, buy the hoop …

So that’s it for this week  … here are my two in their ‘pre – scratchness’ state … oh happy days …!




Please feel free to comment or share any hoop art or ongoing projects you might have at the moment … love the inspiration … and sharing the idea wealth! 🙂