Buy the HOOP …

oh hoopy day


It’s been a busy few weeks what with Easter Bunnies and also a Family celebration at the weekend. Of course the most itchy and scratchiest of all happenings was/is the Chicken Pox!

It swept through our house a couple of weeks ago… took a week to chill out (somewhere in the ether!) before invading the two littlest of the little’ uns. In a word … scratchness!

So as you can imagine all ongoing project plans ground to a halt (literally speaking!) The children’s bedroom floor is half painted! All work came to a standstill with the return of the pox … so it’s back to higgledy piggledy upstairs again for a few more days ( what’s new? I hear my mother cry!!) 🙂

Due to lack of project updates or out ‘n about finds, I thought I’d share what has been getting my creative juices flowing of late!

I stumbled on this amazingly creative lady called Lucy Levenson on facebook. You can check her out on or Lucy Levenson Designs on Facebook. Her story is as touching as her artwork so if you have a minute go take a peek! I really love her use of colour and playful themes …This brilliant woman only took up sewing three years ago!

this gives me much inspiration and hope for my future!! 🙂

You can buy these in print form and are really affordable definately going to buy one … might help me realise my Campervan dream sooner than later!!

camper van patchwork


Hoop art has been whispering away in my ear for quite some time now and here is just a couple of examples that have been inspiring me to go out and … BUY THE HOOPS!! I really have to just do it!

This I found on Pinterest and was from … really want to try this simple but soo cute for a little (or big) girl’s bedroom …  love love love these!!



Here’s another cute little project to try … I found this on if you want a little tutorial on how to do it … seems pretty doable …buy the hoop, buy the hoop …

So that’s it for this week  … here are my two in their ‘pre – scratchness’ state … oh happy days …!




Please feel free to comment or share any hoop art or ongoing projects you might have at the moment … love the inspiration … and sharing the idea wealth! 🙂




Bonjour Monsieur Norman …

cest bon

I speak of Harvey… the Norman kind of Harvey… “Harvey Norman” I hear you gasp!

I usually only visit Harvey Norman to get photos developed or buy a mattress and at that it’s an in and out job!

( Admittedly I may browse around the cooker departmentt… sad but true..I have cooker/oven envy..anyone who has seen ours will understand why!)

Anyway, a friend of mine text me a photo of some new furniture she’d seen in Harvey Norman and thought I’d like them. A few weeks later I happened to have an NCT test and was in and out very quickly ( an incredible event!) so I decided not to waste my precious time out alone and nipped in quickly to Harvey Norman next door to do a little self indulgent browsing.

note: I didn’t take any photos on my first visit but returned with my little man who features in a couple of pics below..I had no choice as he kept photo bombing! A lot of cajoling went on in order to get product shots on their own!

I couldn’t believe the changes since my last photo developing session! I picked up a catalogue at the entrance and on the front page were some fab chairs which I have been agonising over for months as to whether I buy for our own dining table!

harvey norman chairs

Whilst wandering through the shop I came across two lovely ladies putting up a very intricate display in a little nook … I asked one of the girls if there was a new buyer? Yes ME! She exclaimed.  Rachel McCann,  Buyer Co ordinator for Homeware and Accessories was very helpful in going through all the bits and pieces she was knee deep in. She kindly gave me her card when I asked about photos for my blog and told me that the chairs I was looking for would be in stock in a few weeks time.

The chairs are still on order in the Little Island Branch in Cork ( the Lovely Ann informed me today, so I will have to wait to see them in person )…I am not sure I would go for a uniform all one colour around the table but they could be fab as a pop of colour in a more eclectic style Dining setting …or as an occasional chair in a recreational room or bedroom …

The vibe was very industrial, current, quirky with beautiful home accessories, vases, lamps cushions furniture .. totally NOT what I expected to find in Harvey Norman. This yellow/mustard colour features a lot across the new Spring range … not everyone’s cup of tea I know …I am very partial to it myself but even if you’re not, there’s nothing like a pop of yellow or ochre in a room … it just makes you feel sunny!


This gorgeous trinket box would be equally stunning in the livingroom, on a bedside locker or in the bathroom to hold jewellary … this is on my wishlist …love it …


IMG_4219I know I probably sound like I am gushing…but  Monsieur Norman definately took me by surprise and I felt that I could have easily bought home furnishing, accessories and gifts if I wanted to! I loved the quirky stationary and the fabulous garden/outdoor dining accessories. The new range called The Top Table which is aimed at targeting the Wedding market is full of simple and tasteful ideas for the bride to be to feast her eyes on !  I am definately eyeing up those lightbulb tea light holders for our apple trees come summer evenings!



And here is my beautiful assistant! Throwing himself in front of every single thing I tried to photo! In fairness he was very patient so he deserves his place in front of some of the lovely new range of cushions and he manages to pull it off with his coordinated orange jacket to boot 🙂



There is a fabulous Quirky, Gifty section with lots of lovely little notebooks, fabulous Bento boxes ( again on my wish list) mugs and novel bits and pieces very reasonably priced. Here’s a few examples below … they are really worth a little nose around…

ImageImageImagebento boxes

I wasn’t going to put this pic in of the lamp but I just couldn’t resist that beautiful face!! ( I am biased after all 🙂 )For such a shy boy at times … he doth loveth the camera!! Think he upstages the lamp but the base is really nice on this … kind of a morrocan vibe but blends in nicely to a more conventional classic decor aswell.


Et Voila! … Those were just a few things that really caught my eye…and what can I say..if you don’t normally go into Harvey Norman… at least take a peek whilst you’re fretting over your nct or whilst waiting for your photos to be developed …  you might just be pleasantly surprised..:)

Merci beaucoup Monsieur Harvey Norman … I will be back!

ps. If you have stumbled on anything fabulous where you least expected it I’d love to know…or if you’ve been to Harvey Norman and had the same revelation as I had drop me a line in the comments below! I know that Jenna Crotty from the Homeware Huntress blog had an amazingly similar experience to mine!

Check her out at She published her blogpost just before mine but I went ahead anyway … thus great minds must think alike is what I say!! … and am glad to spread the blog love 🙂