Bring on the Guests!



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Time seems to be running away and I can’t catch up with it!! The holidays are over, school and all the rituals that go with it have re-commenced, some projects finished, some nearly done … some still rattling around on a to do list.

We had a busy summer with guests from abroad – some came with children, others came and entertained our children! ( so appreciated )

The best result that came from all the visitors ( apart from their wonderful company and the excuse to drink far too much wine on a weeknight) was that the house never felt so organised. ( now obviously not every single corner ) but It didn’t feel too bad. And when the first lot of visitors sailed off into the sunset I felt ready for the next without the usual cleaning /organising frenzy that breaks out before any kind of social visit or event.

I had a conversation today with a friend who said she went on a mad cleaning frenzy because she had visitors arriving that day and then got another call to say that some unexpected guests would be also arriving the following day … this poor gal had further deep cleansing to do in between school runs and then ( possibly the hardest task of all) was hiding the evidence!

yeah, we always live this way … super organised and sparkly … everything in its place …even the mop and bucket (still steaming) 😉

Been there, done that. Who hasn’t?

It got me thinking though … BRING ON THE GUESTS!

It is indeed the answer to all my prayers … well not really … but if I could get myself into the state of mind that at any moment someone just might arrive on my doorstep … then just maybe…

And then I thought … just do it … stop complaining about the hot press not being organised enough, or the utility room being a mess … just do it. Not for the guests but for yourself.

(god that sounds so corny) but it’s true 🙂

And then I stumbled on this article  … if you’re any way like me and have the vision of the ‘not perfect but organised enough’ home then you have to read this … this lady is inside my head, there is solace in numbers … we are not alone.


Something Old … something new …

nostalgia noun


I have been thinking a lot lately about what fascinates us about old things and how they can be labelled as vintage, retro or antique. I happen to love old things… not ALL old things…I have a weakness for  retro and  I definitely appreciate nostalgic sentiment (without bordering on the ridiculous!) For example I wore my mother’s Wedding dress when I got married a couple of years ago! And to make it even more sentimental my Father’s mother MADE the dress … so it was really sweet that I could dust off a bit of family history and rejuvenate it to wear on our special day!

I was lucky enough to have inherited a sideboard which belonged to my parents and dates back to 1972. Originally it was a wedding gift to my parents and I have vague memories of it in our tiny two up two down terraced house, then it came with us to our three bed semi detached home in 1980. It was then given to my grandmother where it remained in her house until three years ago when my mother wanted to make space in my grandmother’s house so I took it off her hands… et voila!

sideboard before


As you can see in its original state it was brown and cream formica. Prettyyy rETro!

…  Two years ago I decided to give it a make over…well … I trusted my lovely neighbour and owner of Quay Designs Painted Furniture to transform it for our new house! She did a fab job of it and it takes pride of place in our dining room.

blue sideboard

We have since painted the wall in the dining area and I fear the sideboard will be on the move to the living room pretty soon as alas the colours are not living too harmoniously side by side.:(

Another addition to our home of late is this fabulous anglepoise desk lamp .



It sat behind my grandmother’s chair in her living room for many years throwing some light on many craft projects, crosswords, books and in later years her kindle! I was thrilled to have inherited this great piece and it now takes pride of place on my desk. I really love it.

I just couldn’t resist putting in this last photo … I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic of late – as you can tell – our eldest little girl had her sixth birthday last week and it got me wondering where those years have gone … this is a photo which was taken over 6 years ago.

fine Luglio 005

We bought this OLD banjaxed van to put all our worldly belongings in and drive from Barcelona to Sardinia! I thought we had a better photo of it from the outside but this was the best I could do! You get the drift regardless.

And then we fast forward to this NEW ‘van’ being washed by our BIG little girl last week….


Mamamia I don’t know where those years have gone … and how so much can change in such a short space of time!

So all that said and as much as I love the old I embrace the new and allow myself to be just a little nostalgic for times gone by and aware that this NOW will soon be in the past … but not forgotten…





Last weekend I was trawling Etsy for some art to hang on the kiddies bedroom wall..before I knew it I had spent hundreds of dollars in my shopping cart so needless to say I quickly emptied my trolley and decided to do a bit of upcycling myself instead!

I had a few canvases lying around in my front porch..(now nearly new office!!)

I got to work on one of our stormiest and wettest days so far this year… in my kitchen using the floor as my workspace!


I used some testers of Annie Sloan chalk paint and started to slowly transform my discount canvases into kiddy art!


My little man became curious as to what was going on and straight away started putting in requests for some commissions…and here is the final result of a hard day’s work on a stormy day!


….got me thinking…. it’s been sooo long since i took out my paints…i need to get the creative juices flowing again….create a few characters of my own…’s a few more you might recognise… 🙂




Well this is the first challenge!… our front porch..well  eh..more like a dumping ground or no man’s land, dead space or however you’d like to call it!! We don’t use our front door at the moment (as you can tell) and although I insist that we WILL in the future ,my friend and neighbour has proclaimed that  ‘No one will ever use your front door’…I shall prove him wrong !! MK you know who you are!!! 😉

My challenge is to de clutter, clear and paint the space and turn it into a lovely positive creative workspace!!!

My lovely Marito ( Marito equals Husband in Italian – my husband is Italian Sardo!) promised meIMG_2777 if I cleared the room that he would paint it…watch this space!!

This is the view from our sitting room! nice!

This is the view from our sitting room! nice!