Time out …


Some long overdue ‘Time Out’ was taken last week thanks to a family occasion abroad and a very generous energetic babysitting Granny and my Aunt who fulfilled all school-run duties in our absence.

No emails, no social media, no text messages, no to-do lists, no projects, no early mornings … for one whole week.

Lots of amazing food, organic wine, laughs, catching up with family and best of all was the silence on long car journeys … or small car journeys for that matter 🙂

I have to admit when I finished my book on the plane home I took off my glasses, closed my eyes and made a mental list of things I needed to do on return, but this time it felt refreshed and energised with batteries fully charged.

I hope you have a ‘time out’ planned sometime soon if you haven’t already taken one this year … sometimes a long walk and a lunch out can be enough to switch off and recharge. Back to reality today with to-do lists a plenty and not a minute spare from Monday to Friday … but I am not complaining. Have a great week 🙂

ciao for now,


Photo by Gill Deriu

HO Ho ho …

Holy Moly Christmas is nearly here! It’s that mad time of year when everyone runs around like the world is about to end … buying supplies that would be totally impractical if the world actually DID end! We haven’t bought our turkey yet and still haven’t planned what the menu will be for Christmas day … but that’s ok … we like to wing it!

I’ve been getting lots of updates (from other blogs I follow) on all the Christmas prep and decoration that’s been going on and to be honest in this house we’ve been fairly relaxed about the Christmas decor. It’s simple and not too fussy…and it feels calm! I took a few photos this evening but I have to edit them as my kitchen was in BIG mess in the background so not sure how they will turn out! I’ll probably end up sharing them after Christmas which totally misses the point but who cares!! 🙂

The first half of December was spent preparing for the Christmas Market which was being held locally. It was a new venture so it was exciting to be a part of it. Here are a few photos of what I had on offer on the day!


I finally bought those HOOPS! I found some really pretty fabric and filled some hoops and a frame … I really want these for the girls bedroom!

IMG_6646I did some random cards for both Christmas and the Card stash … these went down well and I have to say I really enjoyed making these.

 My partner in crime made some fresh pasta ( as I was really worried I wouldn’t have enough stuff to fill my table!!) It went down a storm and I called it ‘Fresh Pasta from The Hungry Casa’ 😉IMG_6663

The glittery stags were my favourite and two of them toddled off to two lovely homes! (It made the fact that my house is absolutely covered in glitter much easier to swallow!) I enjoyed the whole

IMG_6643experience although I wasn’t as organised as I’d hoped … next year I’ll start in July … famous last words!

Alas the year is almost at an end and I have not dedicated nearly as much time as I’d hoped on writing the blog but it has been a busy year.

I would love a new funky WOW blog … but I don’t think I have the time to find the WOW for the blog at the moment … It’s hard to find time for a lot of things as it is!

I was hoping to paint the brickwork on our fireplace in the kitchen before Christmas but I don’t think that is going to happen now…although am VERY tempted!! We also just closed in our stairwell … but I think January will see more progress in that little project . I am very excited about it and already it looks way better so watch this space for cost effective simple updates that make huge life changing ( well heat conserving) differences!

So now, I have to get some zzz’s or nothing will get done tomorrow … I hope you are all enjoying the build up to Christmas and are not too overwhelmed by all the madness!

Hopefully it will bring peace , relaxation and great food to boot … HO Ho ho … x

Bi Lingual living

italian language gesture

My 6yr old corrected my Italian grammer at the dinner table the other night…her Babbo thought this was hilarious!

I swiftly interrupted ‘Babbo’s smug chuckles’ by reminding him of the book (in english) that he has been reading for the past FIVE years beside his bed.

Chuckling stops.

Spaghetti resumes.

Bi Lingual living.

Bring on an Irish Summer …



Bring on an Irish Summer…

Where children are bursting to get outside at the very glimpse of a sunny morn.

Sweatshirts off and tee shirts on , running through dewy damp grass.

Picnics under apple trees at half ten in the morning.

Neighbouring children shouting through the fence.

An imaginative world filling the air where everything is possible and all problems surmountable.

Tears after accidental pushes, grazed knees and nettle stings.

Fresh air bringing happy memories, freedom to explore and inspire endless creativity.

Bring on an Irish Summer…



… a moment every mother looks forward to… sharing a passion.


I took my eldest little girl to her first contemporary dance performance this evening. She was all proud and excited and surprisingly composed as we entered the theatre. I watched her sit and stare and become enthralled as the dancers revealed their grace and poise and edgy sharpness to her wide pool-like eyes. She did not fidget, she did not speak. She watched, she studied, she drank it in.


 … a passion shared.

contemporary dance