Gallery Wall & Woodstock


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Summer has been very busy, a lot of rearranging of rooms, decluttering and reorganising. Our upstairs has had a bit of a makeover so  a lot of waiting around for builders and living in chaos was endured during June and July but we are almost at the end of it. Finally the kiddies have their own rooms (well the girls are sharing) but they are all delighted with the new space. That is for another post!


Woodstock in Apple Cottage

Last week we (when I say we … I mean my amazing partner in crime heehee)  gathered,chopped and stacked some trees we had cut back in the garden. They were stacked and arranged with much love and care in the livingroom.

I really can’t post this without mentioning that this beautiful installation lasted all but two days as I noticed the wood wasn’t quite dry enough to be brought inside due to some furry white stuff creeping all over one of the logs … so they were hastily removed and put back outside the back door to dry!!!

photo gallery

Gallery wall is in progress

Am delighted to say that there has been some “Framage” Not quite finished or ready for hanging but there are photos selected, printed and almost ready to go …. it’s hard work … and very time-consuming as you know yourself!

I picked up some frames in Woodies DIY and TkMaxx but have some more to get … am really pleased with them … watch this space It should grow over next few weeks and should manage to make its way to the wall before Christmas if we’re lucky!

Would love to hear if you have made any gallery wall progress or plan to … it’s comforting to know you’re not alone!

Ciao for now,


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all photos copyright (C) Gill Deriu of The Happy Casa

Testing … 1 .. 2

… testing. Please tell me there is no actual tumbleweed in sight. Feeling a little ashamed of myself for neglecting the Blog for so long when I vowed in January I would get back in the saddle.

There are no excuses except for a serious dose of procrastination and lots of busy moments and projects on the go.

The most exciting news from last year is that ‘The Happy Casa’ was shortlisted for the Irish Blog Awards 2015  HURRAY … Super chuffed I was with my new ‘shortlisted’ button which you can check out if you scroll to the end of this post … tis the simple things in life that brings one pleasure!

So with no further ado and keeping it short and sweet we’ll fire this quick update out pronto!

The Hallway has had a little makeover with some floor coverage


hallway before

Remember this …


Some Art has actually been hung


testing one two

After a lot of holding, standing back and ‘umming and ‘awe ing …


This is one of my favourite prints from Bold and Noble, It’s called Nest : I love its simplicity and sentiment. The small colourful painting on the bottom left was done by my eldest girl.

The little Sardinian lady we bought when we went to Sardinia last year for a wedding. It was such a tiny cute piece but I wanted to give her a bit more presence so I picked up a cheap as chips generic high street picture  in my local charity shop… painted it white and mounted the lovely lady giving her the glory she deserves. At least our walls are begining to get some love … 



All in all we’ve been busy. I’ve taken on a few projects and hopefully I’ll share them here  soon!

Sin e an sceal …  (pronounced  ‘ Shin ay on shcale’ for any non irish speakers)

There are a few more before and after updates but I’ll save them for the next post.

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Until next time have a great week

Ciao for now,



All photographs copyright of Gill Deriu at The Happy Casa, Feature images courtesy of and pinterest


Billy bookcase and cable camouflage …

Everyone has that dreaded corner where unsightly cables seem like they are about to take over the space like a viral epidemic. You know you are in cable crisis if every time you walk past them they catch your eye and it drives you bonkers! I tried tying mine together with twine to make them into one big ginormous cable. * not a good idea.

Then I labelled them with those little plastic tags you get from the Kleenez man. That served no purpose only to satisfy my organised self … they still managed to creep out underneath side tables, chairs and scream at me every time I passed them.

I decided one afternoon that the spaghetti junction would not get the better of me. I was faced with two dilemmas.

1. the telephone line and internet modem had to stay there, as does some form of light source

2. the space is in a part of the room that everyone walks by at least a hundred times a day so it is a very visible and awkward space

The epiphany arrived and it came as a two for one offer. A bookcase, to be more specific … my old reliable Ikea Billy Bookcase (which to be honest had been kind of shifted from one room to another as there was no space for him since we moved to this house )

Billy got a makeover and got to try out a new position on his side and hey presto… I solved that awkward corner walk through space and hid my unsightly cable situation. Hurray! win win all round 🙂


Check out my internet modem camouflage aswell … I spotted this ages back on Pinterest and knew I had to do it. We have one of those really archaic modems … it’s huge … so I bought one of these faux book wooden boxes and it sits right in.

IMG_8218      IMG_8217

Ah it’s the simple pleasures in life that bring us peace!


I took these photos quickly just after I re-jigged everything around … and in case any of you noticed the blank walls … they are waiting for some lovely artwork or photos … not sure which yet 🙂

I’d love to know if you have had any great ideas for hiding ugly cables/modems or any tips for Ikea hacks …

hope you all having a great week so far,

ciao for now,


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La Luna …

Inspiration DIY Art

All things Lunar seemed to be all around us of late! We are all lunatics in this house … no really we are … we are all affected by the full moon so usually we just have to look up on a clear night and we have that ‘Aha’ moment (and relief) … that explains our children’s bonkers behaviour … and ours too ( well mine, I must take ownership of this one 🙂 )

Anyway, I have been a little obsessed by all things spherical, circular and lunar for the past while and (inspired by many gorgeous wall art on my Pinterest board … like this one above) I decided to just do it.


So I went off to B&Q and got myself some Plyboard ( they are fabulous for cutting it to the exact proportions and very helpful ) I decided I wanted some art for over my mantel ( I feel like all I have been posting about is this mantel but just bear with me if you can!) Anyhow, I had the vision in my head, it had to be large and square and minimal. I am hoping it’s not too large but it’s been cut now so I have to live with it!

I had originally planned it to be bright sunflower yellow … and then I thought … maybe like an emerald-green or hot pink…and when I went into the shop to buy the paint I was instantly drawn to this pastel pink colour! So unlike me in lots of ways ( I thought ) but I love the colour and think it’s soft enough to not tire of too easily.


And so here it is. My own sphere, circle, luna, moon … whatever you want it to be. What do you think?? Am still a little unsure if the dimensions are a little big… but I think I like it!!!

Feel free to leave a comment below … thumbs up or down … and I promise there will be no photos of this mantel in the next post!!!

Ciao for now


Mount … Frame … Hang

Found on

We all have hundreds of photos (and sometimes collections of prints) just sitting in our spare rooms or in our hard drives and if you’re anything like me you keep saying … ‘ Someday I must print out those photos and put them on the wall’ . Well I’ve been having too many of those moments lately and although I have a small gallery wall on our stairwell … I really need to just go do it. So here is some inspirational pics I’d like to share that just might make you go do it too!

Found on

I am always a little wary of putting too much inspirational living quotes on walls as no-one wants to go into someone’s house and be told in every room how they should live … but I think this really works and those chairs …

Found on

This Gallery wall is what I call ‘The Cool’ gallery wall … when your dining room actually does look like an Art Gallery

Found on

This species I call ‘The Higgle’ gallery wall … it appears to be just randomly hung in all shapes and sizes but it is very well thought out and planned … I like it …feels homey and memory-ish.

gallery wall six

Found on

Now this is the ‘Look where I’ve been’ gallery wall … but it is beautiful and cohesive and black and white … love

Found on

The ‘Kiddy’ gallery wall is always my favourite ( every house should have one ) … usually the art that gets the most compliments in our house is the Kiddy art!

Found on

And finally the ‘Cheat sheet’. Some people lay out all their frames on the floor to play around with plans … the next trick is to cut out the exact shape of each of your pics from your cereal boxes and tape them to the wall to really get the feel of your gallery wall before you put the hammer to the nail!

Hope you got some inspiration to help you go for it with your own gallery wall …do you prefer mix and match vintage style frames or Black and White photos in crisp white frames? feel free to leave a comment below to share your gallery wall dilemmas or phobias …

Ciao for now 🙂


Before and after …

To paint or not to paint…that was the big question. The brick fireplace in our kitchen has never quite sat right with me. It is a big feature in the in … you really can’t miss it. It is the monster that greets you as you come  through the back ( which is really used as a front) door. Here it is in all its former glory …

You might remember this pic from an earlier post of the fireplace before we moved in

gennaio 083


I knew I was going to paint it eventually … so I decided in January that the time had come. This is how it looked the morning before the big makeover. (I didn’t attempt to pretty any of these photos up as this was done while the little lady was having her morning nap and it was a race against the zzz’s  🙂 )



Oh I should mention that the night before I cleaned the brick with a mix of half white wine vinegar and half water. It did stink but it was a natural stink so I reckoned that was ok!



I had half a litre tin of Annie Sloan ‘Old White’ Chalk paint – which was perfect as after much deliberation I decided that I wanted a ‘wash’ effect as opposed to a full-blown white look all over the brick. I mixed the half litre of chalk paint with equal amount of water and got to work. It did run a bit but was easily blended as it was quite watery. It didn’t take long at all ( long enough for a morning nap and a few quick photos)

And this is how it all turned out! I was pleased enough although as you can see I ran out of wash and was unable to get underneath the stove. To be honest it’s not that noticeable in real life 🙂 but I will patch it up with a tester pot.



There are a few other patches (below on the right) that could do with another little wash … but again in real life not that noticeable and with a little tester pot should be easy to fix. All in all not bad for two hours work with ingredients all found in the cupboard under my sink!



All thoughts, opinions, shock and horror and any other brick painting escapades you may have experienced all welcome in the comments below! I am vowing to post more frequently so hopefully will see you soon … Ciao for now x


Done deal



I realised  three things this week

  1. Never look a gift horse in the mouth
  2. People are not mind readers
  3. That I associate haggling with telling white  lies.

( I hope my children don’t read this until they are at least 18)

I’ll start from the beginning . We were having storage issues. The story of my life!

I was doing a bit of rejigging in the furniture department  and on embarking on a little painting project I dragged the dress up blanket box into the kitchen. This was swiftly followed by the other identical blanket box from the porch ready for transformation.

Meanwhile (coincidentally) a friend of mine said she had another identical blanket box to get rid of if I fancied taking it off her hands. I graciously declined.  ‘NO’  I said’I am good for blanket boxes, I actually have two. ‘

That night I stared at the two blanket boxes in the kitchen and thought if I paint them up, throw a few cushions on the top they’d be a perfect temporary  window seat with storage for the Kitchen!



Something along these lines..only with three boxes and in the kitchen/dining area! ( these are unfinished and were just thrown together to get the idea…please forgive the forlorn is need of much TLC and a better home! Also am not sure if I shall take the legs off the boxes or not yet…the jury is out! Anyhow …

Delighted with my little epiphany I sent my friend a text the following morning. ‘Oh no’ she said, ‘when you didn’t want it I gave it to my sister in law that evening!’

MY cunning window seat/storage solution  flowered and withered all within 24 hours.

No worries I thought, I’ll find one on DONEDEAL. (The Irish equivalent to CraigsList).

Low and behold there it was in all its glory. One identical blanket box … for 50euro FIFTY EURO!! That must be a misprint…

This blanket box was from Supervalu, from years back! People collected tokens from the shopping  they did in Supervalu ( back when EVERYBODY shopped in Supervalu because there were no European supercheap recession busting silent sparcely staffed supermarkets back then!!)

I phoned the number and spoke to (lets call her) Wanda.

Me: Is your blanket box still available?

Wanda: It is

Me: Is it the Supervalu one?

Wanda:It is

Me: Would you take 15 for it?

Wanda: FIFTEEN’ ( In incredulous tone)

Me: Yes fifteeen ( enthusiastically)

Wanda: No

Me: Oh no problem, I’ll pick up another one. I saw one last week on Donedeal for 10euro

( possible exaggeration of the truth, possibly made up …  I like to call it haggling… She didn’t take the bate.’

Wanda: ‘oh really, ok’ ( followed by silence)

 I hung up.

NOOOOO … She was supposed to haggle. Now I am left with no blanket box… I would have come up in price if she’d played ball.

So, I text her.

Me : Sorry for hanging up so abruptly there, my little baby was falling over ( I had to have a credible excuse and my little baby was swaying on her play mat … that is true) What would be your best price on the blanket box?

Wanda:  I’d hold out for 40 but will probably drop it in a few weeks.

Me : perfect, I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks a mill,

I proceeded to move our blue sideboard out of the dining area into the livingroom to make way for the new storage seating. I checked on donedeal a week later, it was still available. I sent another text.


Me : Hi Wanda, I just noticed the blanket box is still available. Would you let it go for 20?

No response.

I couldn’t believe it. What was I going to do, I couldn’t bear the idea of phoning her to offer her more again because she probably wouldn’t even pick up!

I was too proud to pursue it any further because in truth I’d be MORTIFIED to call to her house to pick it up after my poor attempts at haggling and sounding like a complete loon in the process!!


And so I let go of my disappointment and carried on without giving it much more thought.

Then the strangest, loveliest, serendipitous … some may call it coincidence, law of attraction (or maybe a saturation of supervalu blanket boxes in Irish households) … BUT… I strolled into my local charity shop and there it was…under a mound of books and vases and heavy objects.

A Supervalu blanket box. If blanket boxes had hair it would have been blowing in the wind to heavenly music right at that moment.

Me: How much is that blanket box over there?

Lovely girl: 20 euro

Me:  I’ll take it

Deal done.