I’m Gill, welcome to The Happy Casa!


It’s very tricky to know what to squash into the ‘About me’ page … apart from my love of interiors, homey –  homes and cactus … I love music, film  and watching Netflix whilst making school lunches at night!!

I suppose if I have to really narrow it down to’ on a need to know’ basis … this is what it boils down to  :

Having spent a long time living in Spain and Italy, we decided to come closer to the greener than green fields and the hats were finally ‘hung’ back home in Ireland … and so The Happy Casa was born.

Our house is over a hundred years old and is a Cottage with a couple of extensions and some really old apple trees for good measure.It’s quirky and a little bit higgeldy piggeldy but we like it.

My partner in crime and Uber talented Doer and Fixer of all things is from Sardinia and we have three little people who allowed us the opportunity to become proper grown ups … most of the time 🙂

Interior Design, decorating, styling, DIY , making , dreaming , doing … is kind of  what fuels This Happy Casa.

If you stumbled on this blog WELCOME put the kettle on and stay a while… 🙂


ps. I really have to find ( or take ) an updated photo …


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Karen Kersey says:

    Hi Gill
    Yesterday I picked up a copy of Ideal Homes magazine in my local Sainsbury’s in Surrey and stumbled upon your fantastic feature. It was made all the more fantastical as only last week, while I was visiting family in Kildare, did my Mum muse ‘I wonder what happened to that lady and her family from Cobh’!

    I know this seems a bit odd (somewhat stalker-ish!?!), and I don’t know if you remember but my parents, my two girls and I met you in the playground in Spanish Town almost a year ago to the day. It was the day before we left after spending a month on the island and the kids played really nicely together. I remember thinking it was such a shame we hadn’t met you earlier in the holiday.

    I think your small people were due to start school on or around the day Hurricane Irma hit and I can only imagine what a horrific experience it was for you all. I’m greatly relieved to see you are all home safe and sound.

    We haven’t been back to the island since but my in-laws have and have been helping out with the relief project. I’m pleased to report the playground is still intact! (my girls were very happy about that!)

    Thank you for the inspiration in your blog and feature in Ideal Homes. We undertook a (smaller) similar house project and I love your ideas.

    With best wishes

    • The Happy Casa says:

      Oh my goodness!
      Yes I remember you! It was your daughters Birthday!! So nice to hear from you, we are back in Ireland ( as you can tell!! ) Everything has changed for us yet everything is almost the same … I hope you get to go back soon to VG …. and yes it was a pity we met on your last few days. Hope all is good with you, how tiny is the world!! Gxx

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