Operation ‘Open Shelves’ in Kitchen …

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So what is the general consensus on Open Shelves in Kitchens? I know some people feel it just creates another dusting job … yeh or neh? I have been going on for ages about this project so it was really time to just go for it. A few months back when my parents in law were here on a visit, my father in law kindly helped us take off the top cupboards in the kitchen. YAH! finally … so what was left … this fabulously ugly blank space but it felt so much more spacious and light filled.



So this was Before the BEFORE!

I have to admit I got a tiny ‘ oh it wasn’t really that bad before I painted the cupboards’ moment !

This was taken when I was prepping it for painting over two years ago.



… and this is the ‘Before’ … and also the ‘During’ 🙂

I’m ok again with the decision to paint the cupboards … although it is up for another makeover … but for now we’ll concentrate on the shelves!

In a moment of panic we searched the shed for our spare tiles and thankfully we have enough to fill the void … ( was secretly peppering as I thought I had returned all the spare boxes by accident)

We have purchased the soon to be shelves (AKA two 8ft Scaffold boards) They are sitting pretty ugly in our shed awaiting to be stripped and dressed back up again fit for human eyes.

This is my vision, or at least a little look at the inspiration from my pinterest boards …

openshelve insp heidiclaire.blogspot.com


open shelves inspiration flickr.com


open shelves inspir homeadore.com


openshelves insp flickr.com


open shelves inspiration unexpectedelegance.com


Stay tuned for progress updates folks and please throw your opinions, thoughts, random observations or open shelf experience in the comments below … will look forward to updating ye soon 🙂

ciao for now,

g x

Time out …


Some long overdue ‘Time Out’ was taken last week thanks to a family occasion abroad and a very generous energetic babysitting Granny and my Aunt who fulfilled all school-run duties in our absence.

No emails, no social media, no text messages, no to-do lists, no projects, no early mornings … for one whole week.

Lots of amazing food, organic wine, laughs, catching up with family and best of all was the silence on long car journeys … or small car journeys for that matter 🙂

I have to admit when I finished my book on the plane home I took off my glasses, closed my eyes and made a mental list of things I needed to do on return, but this time it felt refreshed and energised with batteries fully charged.

I hope you have a ‘time out’ planned sometime soon if you haven’t already taken one this year … sometimes a long walk and a lunch out can be enough to switch off and recharge. Back to reality today with to-do lists a plenty and not a minute spare from Monday to Friday … but I am not complaining. Have a great week 🙂

ciao for now,


Photo by Gill Deriu