La Luna …

Inspiration DIY Art

All things Lunar seemed to be all around us of late! We are all lunatics in this house … no really we are … we are all affected by the full moon so usually we just have to look up on a clear night and we have that ‘Aha’ moment (and relief) … that explains our children’s bonkers behaviour … and ours too ( well mine, I must take ownership of this one 🙂 )

Anyway, I have been a little obsessed by all things spherical, circular and lunar for the past while and (inspired by many gorgeous wall art on my Pinterest board … like this one above) I decided to just do it.


So I went off to B&Q and got myself some Plyboard ( they are fabulous for cutting it to the exact proportions and very helpful ) I decided I wanted some art for over my mantel ( I feel like all I have been posting about is this mantel but just bear with me if you can!) Anyhow, I had the vision in my head, it had to be large and square and minimal. I am hoping it’s not too large but it’s been cut now so I have to live with it!

I had originally planned it to be bright sunflower yellow … and then I thought … maybe like an emerald-green or hot pink…and when I went into the shop to buy the paint I was instantly drawn to this pastel pink colour! So unlike me in lots of ways ( I thought ) but I love the colour and think it’s soft enough to not tire of too easily.


And so here it is. My own sphere, circle, luna, moon … whatever you want it to be. What do you think?? Am still a little unsure if the dimensions are a little big… but I think I like it!!!

Feel free to leave a comment below … thumbs up or down … and I promise there will be no photos of this mantel in the next post!!!

Ciao for now


5 thoughts on “La Luna …

  1. Finn says:

    Oh this is just Devine – there is so much character in this – the colour is subtle but really meaningful – I feel like I could sink into this piece and have a little journey!!
    Great choice of size , colour and location. And I like the size – sometimes too small looks lost. Well done !

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