Bathroom envy …

Our Family bathroom is … in two words … pretty miserable. It is dull, unloved and needs a complete overhall. We have been reluctanct to change the floor (even though I really hate it) because you all know what it’s like when you open that can of worms!

First change the floor tiles (which will immediately accentuate the awfulness of the wall tiles) and then you start to really think about what is under that bath… It’s only the dreaded fear stops you from taking a peek for fear of uncovering a black hole of deadly mould. ( cue psycho music )….oh the joys 🙂

Last week I made the mistake of trying to make it look a little better ( we were preparing for visitors). I painted below the bath…then the skirting …followed by the door….and there it remains. I don’t have the pics uploaded yet to enlighten you on the miserableness of the before shots or the progress on the ‘nearly after’ shot , but suffice to say, now the can of worms has been truly officially opened ever so slightly.The walls will need a paint … and even though I swore I wouldn’t paint the floor…I am caving in to that idea possibly… just temporarily.

Here are a few pics I’ve been drooling over using to inspire me for when we really ‘Gut’ the bathroom and start again……

bathroom envy 2

bathroom envy 3

bathroom envy 4

bathroom envy

Please feel free to share any cans of worms you’ve opened lately…or are afraid to open in the comments below….

ciao for now x

2 thoughts on “Bathroom envy …

  1. Ciaran Cronin says:

    Lovely ideas… We are building a house and have opened so many cans of worms we don’t have enough cans to put them back into. All our lovely ideas have been forced by finances back to yer old cheap standard bathroom ware etc. So, I think we are going to need to get creative!

    • gillderiu says:

      🙂 I feel your pain Ciaran. All our budget went into all the grown up things that you can’t see like dry lining walls, work on the drains, soak aways etc. Being creative makes it more personal …it’s a labour of love … and shoestring budget!

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