Bring on the Guests!



clean image

Time seems to be running away and I can’t catch up with it!! The holidays are over, school and all the rituals that go with it have re-commenced, some projects finished, some nearly done … some still rattling around on a to do list.

We had a busy summer with guests from abroad – some came with children, others came and entertained our children! ( so appreciated )

The best result that came from all the visitors ( apart from their wonderful company and the excuse to drink far too much wine on a weeknight) was that the house never felt so organised. ( now obviously not every single corner ) but It didn’t feel too bad. And when the first lot of visitors sailed off into the sunset I felt ready for the next without the usual cleaning /organising frenzy that breaks out before any kind of social visit or event.

I had a conversation today with a friend who said she went on a mad cleaning frenzy because she had visitors arriving that day and then got another call to say that some unexpected guests would be also arriving the following day … this poor gal had further deep cleansing to do in between school runs and then ( possibly the hardest task of all) was hiding the evidence!

yeah, we always live this way … super organised and sparkly … everything in its place …even the mop and bucket (still steaming) πŸ˜‰

Been there, done that. Who hasn’t?

It got me thinking though … BRING ON THE GUESTS!

It is indeed the answer to all my prayers … well not really … but if I could get myself into the state of mind that at any moment someone just might arrive on my doorstep … then just maybe…

And then I thought … just do it … stop complaining about the hot press not being organised enough, or the utility room being a mess … just do it. Not for the guests but for yourself.

(god that sounds so corny) but it’s true πŸ™‚

And then I stumbled on this article Β … if you’re any way like me and have the vision of the ‘not perfect but organised enough’ home then you have to read this … this lady is inside my head, there is solace in numbers … we are not alone.

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