Buy the HOOP …

oh hoopy day


It’s been a busy few weeks what with Easter Bunnies and also a Family celebration at the weekend. Of course the most itchy and scratchiest of all happenings was/is the Chicken Pox!

It swept through our house a couple of weeks ago… took a week to chill out (somewhere in the ether!) before invading the two littlest of the little’ uns. In a word … scratchness!

So as you can imagine all ongoing project plans ground to a halt (literally speaking!) The children’s bedroom floor is half painted! All work came to a standstill with the return of the pox … so it’s back to higgledy piggledy upstairs again for a few more days ( what’s new? I hear my mother cry!!) 🙂

Due to lack of project updates or out ‘n about finds, I thought I’d share what has been getting my creative juices flowing of late!

I stumbled on this amazingly creative lady called Lucy Levenson on facebook. You can check her out on or Lucy Levenson Designs on Facebook. Her story is as touching as her artwork so if you have a minute go take a peek! I really love her use of colour and playful themes …This brilliant woman only took up sewing three years ago!

this gives me much inspiration and hope for my future!! 🙂

You can buy these in print form and are really affordable definately going to buy one … might help me realise my Campervan dream sooner than later!!

camper van patchwork


Hoop art has been whispering away in my ear for quite some time now and here is just a couple of examples that have been inspiring me to go out and … BUY THE HOOPS!! I really have to just do it!

This I found on Pinterest and was from … really want to try this simple but soo cute for a little (or big) girl’s bedroom …  love love love these!!



Here’s another cute little project to try … I found this on if you want a little tutorial on how to do it … seems pretty doable …buy the hoop, buy the hoop …

So that’s it for this week  … here are my two in their ‘pre – scratchness’ state … oh happy days …!




Please feel free to comment or share any hoop art or ongoing projects you might have at the moment … love the inspiration … and sharing the idea wealth! 🙂




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