Done deal



I realised  three things this week

  1. Never look a gift horse in the mouth
  2. People are not mind readers
  3. That I associate haggling with telling white  lies.

( I hope my children don’t read this until they are at least 18)

I’ll start from the beginning . We were having storage issues. The story of my life!

I was doing a bit of rejigging in the furniture department  and on embarking on a little painting project I dragged the dress up blanket box into the kitchen. This was swiftly followed by the other identical blanket box from the porch ready for transformation.

Meanwhile (coincidentally) a friend of mine said she had another identical blanket box to get rid of if I fancied taking it off her hands. I graciously declined.  ‘NO’  I said’I am good for blanket boxes, I actually have two. ‘

That night I stared at the two blanket boxes in the kitchen and thought if I paint them up, throw a few cushions on the top they’d be a perfect temporary  window seat with storage for the Kitchen!



Something along these lines..only with three boxes and in the kitchen/dining area! ( these are unfinished and were just thrown together to get the idea…please forgive the forlorn is need of much TLC and a better home! Also am not sure if I shall take the legs off the boxes or not yet…the jury is out! Anyhow …

Delighted with my little epiphany I sent my friend a text the following morning. ‘Oh no’ she said, ‘when you didn’t want it I gave it to my sister in law that evening!’

MY cunning window seat/storage solution  flowered and withered all within 24 hours.

No worries I thought, I’ll find one on DONEDEAL. (The Irish equivalent to CraigsList).

Low and behold there it was in all its glory. One identical blanket box … for 50euro FIFTY EURO!! That must be a misprint…

This blanket box was from Supervalu, from years back! People collected tokens from the shopping  they did in Supervalu ( back when EVERYBODY shopped in Supervalu because there were no European supercheap recession busting silent sparcely staffed supermarkets back then!!)

I phoned the number and spoke to (lets call her) Wanda.

Me: Is your blanket box still available?

Wanda: It is

Me: Is it the Supervalu one?

Wanda:It is

Me: Would you take 15 for it?

Wanda: FIFTEEN’ ( In incredulous tone)

Me: Yes fifteeen ( enthusiastically)

Wanda: No

Me: Oh no problem, I’ll pick up another one. I saw one last week on Donedeal for 10euro

( possible exaggeration of the truth, possibly made up …  I like to call it haggling… She didn’t take the bate.’

Wanda: ‘oh really, ok’ ( followed by silence)

 I hung up.

NOOOOO … She was supposed to haggle. Now I am left with no blanket box… I would have come up in price if she’d played ball.

So, I text her.

Me : Sorry for hanging up so abruptly there, my little baby was falling over ( I had to have a credible excuse and my little baby was swaying on her play mat … that is true) What would be your best price on the blanket box?

Wanda:  I’d hold out for 40 but will probably drop it in a few weeks.

Me : perfect, I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks a mill,

I proceeded to move our blue sideboard out of the dining area into the livingroom to make way for the new storage seating. I checked on donedeal a week later, it was still available. I sent another text.


Me : Hi Wanda, I just noticed the blanket box is still available. Would you let it go for 20?

No response.

I couldn’t believe it. What was I going to do, I couldn’t bear the idea of phoning her to offer her more again because she probably wouldn’t even pick up!

I was too proud to pursue it any further because in truth I’d be MORTIFIED to call to her house to pick it up after my poor attempts at haggling and sounding like a complete loon in the process!!


And so I let go of my disappointment and carried on without giving it much more thought.

Then the strangest, loveliest, serendipitous … some may call it coincidence, law of attraction (or maybe a saturation of supervalu blanket boxes in Irish households) … BUT… I strolled into my local charity shop and there it was…under a mound of books and vases and heavy objects.

A Supervalu blanket box. If blanket boxes had hair it would have been blowing in the wind to heavenly music right at that moment.

Me: How much is that blanket box over there?

Lovely girl: 20 euro

Me:  I’ll take it

Deal done.


8 thoughts on “Done deal

  1. Christine Harty says:

    Hilarious!!…Im defo no good haggler. I nearly caved to the man on the phone selling me not a great deal on car insurance when he started stuttering with nerves!!…I scored a blanket box this week too!!!

  2. Geri-B says:

    Wands needs her head read! 50 quid??!! Was hers an extra special super valu one??!!! I bet its still not sold!

    See… All good things come to those who wait 😄👍 Wanda will be getting her free bus pass and will still be staring at her blanket box the greedy guts!!

    • jillderiu says:

      I know…who’d have thought that supervalu would have produced such sought after furniture design at such an inflated price!! tee hee … still making me smile!

  3. Lilly says:

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Your blog is beautiful! I have a long list of interior projects and unopened tins of Annie Sloan paint so hopefully will get some motivation from your beautiful projects, I love the blanket boxes! I have one of the SV ones too that I keep meaning to paint!

    • jillderiu says:

      Thanks Lilly! I have been on a go slow with the projects at the moment…but the blanket boxes on the to do list this week! will post updates hopefully soon 🙂

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