Oh where to start! I have (and have had for a very long time) a severe case of Project-itis. In my head there are hundreds. But realistic tangible projects (in the process and in the pipeline) indeed there are a few!

Firstly I have to say that I owe it to my children to paint their bedroom floor! It has been put on the long finger for so long and really I am doing them a disservice if I tell them one more time ‘yep, am going to do that soon….’ My poor son was bursting with excitement last week when they went for a sleepover at Granny’s house…i had told him when I paint the floor that they’d have to sleep in Granny’s house….the pressure in the car on the journey home when I had to explain that I still hadn’t painted their floor! So

Project 1.

Prime and Paint the children’s floor in Little Green French Grey. Stat!


Project 2.

 Finish office space. I have put a second coat of Annie Sloan Yellow on the dormant Front door…it keeps dripping…grrrrrrrr am hoping when it fully dries it will look better and that a coat of clear varnish will finish it off…the jury is out as to whether it is a success or not.


(Toying with the idea of painting the tiles on the floor in the office as well (gulp) would be a very big faux pas if I couldn’t pull it off…i might just hold back on telling Happy Casa Husband about that one for now..Oops… pretend you didn’t read that Sah…erase it from your memory! LOL

Project 3.

Replace overhead cupboards in Kitchen with open shelves. This is a pressing matter due to ridiculously disorganised cupboards. I need to be forced to keep it looking good in order to keep it organised and lookin’ loverly! Am still trying to figure out how to incorporate the under cupboard lighting under the proposed shelf as I would like a clean line … have to think about it Thankfully my lovely marito is a chef so he appreciates good order in the kitchen so not too much persuading going on for this one. Also we realised if we took out the cupboard holding the microwave and drawers we would need to tile that space.


*Note to self. Check number of spare tiles.

*Note to self-2. Locate spare tiles!

Project 4.

Paint our bedroom and Paint our bed. (Yes I said ‘bed’) We bought it new almost three  years ago but I never wanted dark wood  and I compromised as our relationship is a democracy –  and then proceeded to convince the opposition that my visualising powers were far greater than his and made him realise that it totally sucks out the light  and makes the room feel smaller –  The bill was passed!


It fits snugly in the ‘Elle’ part of our ‘L’ shaped room. I am very excited about this one … I also want to paint the wall behind the bed in a deep grey…oh yes, the floors are getting a lick of paint as well….then hopefully our rug can finally get an outing from under our bed where it is ‘resting’ for the past 2 years!

Project 5

Storage (window) seating in the kitchen/dining area. My dream is to have something like this…from …

reading nook

 … where I can lounge with a coffee and a really good book glancing ( occasionally) to observe the birds on our feeder outside the window … cue happy music! 


* These are birds on our feeder … they’re not OUR birds exactly …well, you know what I mean! 

WE NEED STORAGE SPACE. Realistically for school bags, coats, shoes etc. So the reality may not equate with the above but the above is my ideal! I shall endeavour to create the happy medium!

Project 6.

Breakfast Bar in Kitchen.  I am canvasing for some serious DIY’ing to create our own custom made breakfast bar made from reclaimed pallets. I know my partner in crime can do it…I just have to make him believe he can as well! This is our peninsula at the moment peninsula

      I was thinking of something along these lines…no pressure amore mio …!

(photo courtesy of

love this island

On that lovely note I shall toddle off to bed with a satisfied heart and a determined soul to cure this project-itis as fast as I can before the next bout strikes!! … Ciao for now … buona notte agus Oiche Mhaith x


6 thoughts on “Project-itis

    • jillderiu says:

      well there’s a big surprise!! thank you Mark Carmody photographer/Bird Watcher!! I should have painted up the bird table before taking the pics!! They are due a spruce up but am sure the bullfinches don’t give a hoot!!

  1. Geraldine Brannigan says:

    Hello!! I can empathise with Project-it is!!! Good post G! I finally managed to get sorted and follow you. I am having a tetchy relationship with my new laptop but hopefully it will cooperate now and I can show my face a bit more on thehappycasa!!!

  2. Christine Harty says:

    projectitis eeeeek! can relate!! I have it all over the house!…and all over the internet!! deep breaths….it will all happen the way it will…..Im exited about following your projects and watching them come in to fruition 🙂

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