I have been living lately with a lot of ‘clutterage’.It is stuff that I DO need but it has been displaced and has invaded other spaces temporarily, namely my livingroom. As a result the house has been rather messy this past two weeks and it feels like it will never end…NOT GOOD FOR THE SOUL….or the happiness of the casa for that matter 😉 Image

On a brighter note, it is coming to an end (cue the fanfare)…the porch has been painted YAH! This temporary clutter in my sittingroom has made me ponder…what makes a house feel homey and what is just plain clutter or ‘clutterage’.

Is it children’s artwork on your fridge? definately homey. Fridge magnets on the fridge? on the border between homey and just plain messy!  Fridges tend to morph into clutter if not carefully monitored. Does every home have a hotspot where inevitable innate objects congregate?

Tumtacs, random picture hooks, biro lids, lego pieces to name but a few. It is such a bizarre thing…it drives me nuts!

I know a friend of mine has a feelings cupboard in her kitchen… everything and anything can be put in there and they all live happily in one jumble behind closed doors. I have two drawers like this in my kitchen and for the life of me I cannot seem to ever get to the bottom of them… where does all this stuff come from?? Maybe I just need to name it, claim it and tame it!

I have two messy drawers full of useless bits and bobs in my kitchen

They shall always have the purpose of ‘Haven to misfit objects’

I accept this and I am at peace with this arrangement.

I feel better already.

Recently I joined a de cluttering group on Facebook called the ‘De – clutter Challenge’ A good friend of mine started it and lots of people  got on board and started sharing their clutter zones and posting pics.I like this group for two reasons’s been very encouraging to see that I am not alone.

2. It is a closed group. Phew.

Hurray for normalness. I am normal. It’s  fantastic  to see all the amazing energy created by just a few people starting to clear out their feelings cupboards!

one person emptied all the socks from her hotpress and paired them all together ( no big deal I hear you mutter)…she has four children and man it must have been one hell of a job but the sense of achievement and glory seeing the Everest of paired socks was elating even for the closed group spectator!

*Please note: most household washing machines consume 50 percent of all household socks a year.

This is what I tell my children when they have to wear odd socks going to school. To this day they believe me. I do not want to ruin their childhood under any circumstance so I continue with this helpful parenting tool.

It really got me thinking that not only is it good to get into the habit of  doing a quick whip around on a daily basis BUT that all these habits or lack of – we pass  on to our children and I need to start involving the childer in this routine also.

I actually heard myself say to my little girl the other day ‘ You have to start having respect for the things in your room, and your Imageclothes, you can’t keep leaving things all over the floor, you need to take pride in your space’ She looked at me with big wide eyes and I could see the cogs and wheels in motion… ‘ I know you’re only 5 and three quarters – she would correct me if I said nearly 6…I know that you are only 5 and so on… I know that you are comparing the words coming out of my mouth and looking over my shoulder. At this precise moment in time you do not understand the meaning of the word HYPOCRACY but you sure do understand the concept because I can see it behind those big beautiful eyes.’

So I promptly changed the subject and shrank back into my messy room to sort out the mound of clothes on the laundry basket ……what’s  that phrase again…do what I say…not as I do!

And so the quest for reasonable order in a world full of too much stuff continues…


I’d love to hear if you  have had similar experiences or would like to share ….please leave a comment below!

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