Last weekend I was trawling Etsy for some art to hang on the kiddies bedroom wall..before I knew it I had spent hundreds of dollars in my shopping cart so needless to say I quickly emptied my trolley and decided to do a bit of upcycling myself instead!

I had a few canvases lying around in my front porch..(now nearly new office!!)

I got to work on one of our stormiest and wettest days so far this year… in my kitchen using the floor as my workspace!


I used some testers of Annie Sloan chalk paint and started to slowly transform my discount canvases into kiddy art!


My little man became curious as to what was going on and straight away started putting in requests for some commissions…and here is the final result of a hard day’s work on a stormy day!


….got me thinking…. it’s been sooo long since i took out my paints…i need to get the creative juices flowing again….create a few characters of my own…’s a few more you might recognise… 🙂


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